Cuomo Says Trump Better Bring an Army if He Wants to Visit NYC

Cuomo Says Trump Better Bring an Army if He Wants to Visit NYC

( – Did New York’s Governor Cuomo just threaten the safety of the President of the United States? It sure seems like it.

On Tuesday, September 1, Donald Trump suggested taking federal funds away from Democratic “lawless” cities. That prompted Cuomo to make some dangerous statements.

“He better have an army,” Cuomo said about Trump walking down the street in New York City. How can that not be seen as a threat?

And — he didn’t stop there.

The Democrat governor went on to say the president “can’t have enough bodyguards” to walk through his city. He also claimed that New Yorkers want nothing to do with him.

Cuomo’s Attack Was Personal

Cuomo said he doubts Trump’s order to review federal funding to see what he could take away from Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, and New York City was legal. The governor’s attack was personal and insulting. He even speculated that the president didn’t care about the soaring murder rate or the shootings in NYC.

Cuomo mocked Trump saying that his home city rejected him and dismissed him “as a clown.” Then he said no one in the Big Apple took the president seriously. They look at him as “just a tabloid cartoon,” Cuomo jeered.

Some believe the governor is responsible for at least 6,500 deaths in New York because he forbade the state’s nursing homes from turning away patients who had the virus. But Democrats rarely take responsibility for their failures. Instead, Cuomo blamed Trump’s “negligence” for the high death toll.

Toward the end of his press conference on Wednesday, Cuomo seemed to realize that he’d crossed the line with his threat toward the president, and he tried to walk it back, at least somewhat.

He told reporters his comment about Trump needing bodyguards in NYC was just his way of saying the president was “persona non grata” in his city. He said New Yorkers would never forget how mean Trump has been toward the state or how he’s repeatedly tried to “kill the city.”

Cuomo’s statements were outrageous and beyond rude.

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