Cuban Radio Station Promotes Bizarre Superfood: Cockroach Milk?

Cuban Radio Station Promotes Bizarre Superfood: Cockroach Milk?

( – Cuba’s regime has recommended some bizarre foods over the years, but now it’s hit a new low. A radio station has been promoting “cockroach milk” as a new superfood for the communist nation’s people. Of course, it turns out even it isn’t available.

On March 28, Radio Guamá, a government-run radio station in the western Cuban city of Pinar del Rio published an article recommending “cockroach milk” as a highly nutritious food. According to the article, the soluble crystals that the Pacific beetle cockroach, Diploptera punctata, produces to feed its young can be turned into a drink that has three times as many calories as buffalo milk. The insect elixir also contains fatty acids like Omega-3. The article does admit it has a “rancid” taste, but says its protein content is superior to any mammal milk.

Since Fidel Castro’s communist rebels seized power in 1959, Cuba has constantly struggled to feed its population. Instead of abandoning socialism and switching to an economic system that actually works, the regime has responded by telling its people to eat a wide variety of strange and often disgusting things. Last year, the Ministry of the Interior said Cubans should hunt Hutias – large rodents also known as banana rats – and crocodiles. In 2019, the regime recommended ostrich meat, although ostriches are native to Africa, not the Caribbean.

So will Cubans ignore the rancid taste and start enjoying a cool glass of cockroach milk with breakfast? It seems unlikely; the Pacific beetle cockroach is found in Hawaii, Australia, China and the Indian Subcontinent – but not Cuba. The communist party can’t even give its people the right kind of cockroaches.

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