Crooked Judge Doubles Down On Trump

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( – Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court has declined a request from former President Donald Trump’s legal representatives to delay the finalization of a ruling that mandates Trump to pay approximately $354 million in fines, along with interest, stemming from a civil fraud case in New York.

The decision, as reported by CBS News, was conveyed through an email to Trump’s legal team and the New York Attorney General’s Office. Judge Engoron stated his intention to endorse a judgment proposed by the state, effectively sealing the substantial financial verdict.

Engoron’s communication to Trump’s lawyer, Clifford Robert, highlighted the lack of a compelling reason for a postponement. “You have failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay,” Engoron noted, expressing confidence that the appellate court would safeguard Trump’s rights to appeal.

ABC News disclosed that the defense had sought a delay in enforcing the penalties, which included the hefty fine and a provisional prohibition on business activities in New York, aiming for a more structured post-judgment process.

However, this request was met with opposition from state attorney Andrew Amer, who argued that the judgment’s finality left no scope for further discussion.

The dispute centered around the judgment order—a legal document that triggers the commencement of penalties—prompted the request for a delay.

Once Engoron issues the judgment order, Trump will be obligated to settle the judgment amount or secure a bond within 30 days, enabling him to proceed with an appeal.

Engoron’s ruling last Friday determined that Trump and the Trump Organization were liable for the substantial fines and interest due to a decade-long practice of overvaluing assets, which allegedly facilitated more advantageous loan and insurance conditions.

Additionally, the judgment imposes a three-year ban on securing loans from New York financial institutions for Trump and his organization, along with the appointment of an independent monitor to supervise the company’s operations for the same duration. Trump is also prohibited from holding any officer or director position in any New York-based corporation for three years.

The ruling further extends fines and sanctions to other defendants, including Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr.

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