Crime Takes Over Republican State

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – Austin, Texas, is preparing to revitalize the historic Sixth Street by redeveloping two of its blocks to make it more family-friendly. The Historic Landmark Commission met this month with developers from Stream Realty Partners, the developer group being employed for the project.

Attorney Richard Suttle represented Stream Realty Partners stating that the realty group was preparing to “revitalize the area” in the hopes of helping new businesses establish themselves in the area. In the meeting, they also provided a harsh view of what Sixth Street is currently. Suttle argued that Sixth Street was a “real problem” and there was nobody who wanted to be there. He further argued that “it has become a shooting gallery.”

He then proceeded to provide a detailed description of the development plans which include broadening the sidewalks and adding coffee shops, opening up the area 24/7 instead of just in the night from Thursday to Sunday, and pushing that it was all focused on getting traffic to be constantly moving through the area. He added that there was only one option for achieving that, and it included adding “a little more density” to the two older blocks.

Sixth Street is known for being the center of Austin’s music scene and has for years drawn in tourists. However, recently it has developed a reputation for being filled with a rowdy crowd.

The meeting came two years after a mass shooting in the area resulted in one person dying and 14 others being injured. The suspect was gang member Jeremiah Tabb who was released earlier this year while he awaits trial.

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