COVID-19 Unleashes Criminals on Society

COVID-19 Unleashes Criminals on Society

( – As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, one group of people who cannot practice social distancing are those in jail. Jurisdictions across the country have taken to releasing prisoners because of the high risk of transmitting the virus. This brings to light a question: is it mercy or madness?

While few believe someone incarcerated for bank robbery deserves a potential death sentence, this action comes at the expense of public safety and victims’ peace of mind. A woman in St. Louis, Missouri, received notice that the man being held without bail in the hit-and-run that killed her daughter was being released. He was facing seven years in prison when a judge deemed it wise to keep this convicted felon locked up. He’s since been released and now he’s back on the street.

Meanwhile, in New York City, a man awaiting trial for sexual was released, and 10 days later was arrested for allegedly dragging a random woman off the street and forcing her to perform a specific act on him. In Hillsborough County, Florida, a convicted felon who was arrested for a “low-level felony” and released is now facing second-degree homicide charges.

If NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s shock that a released criminal would commit more crimes is any indication, these people should be nowhere near the seats of power. While all human beings should strive for mercy, the role of government is to protect all its citizens. When people who chose to violate their social contracts are put ahead of law-abiding citizens, the country’s in serious danger.

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