COVID-19 Testing Door-to-Door

COVID-19 Testing Door-to-Door

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has America virtually locked-down in their homes, and there’s no question the various government agencies need to get a handle on it. But, the question must be asked, where is the line where “reasonable” becomes intrusive? Some areas are seeing officially backed random door-to-door “voluntary” testing for the virus.

In areas of Georgia and Oregon, officials are going from house to house asking if people will submit samples for testing. Georgia is asking for blood and Oregon wants nasal swabs and participation in a survey. At first thought, this seems entirely benign and it probably is. However, it means that somewhere in the vast storage space of government servers, a sample of each person’s DNA will be recorded and stored, possibly forever.

“The System” has a pretty dismal history when it comes to protecting information or getting rid of it, even when ordered to by a court of law. Take into consideration arrest and court records ordered to be expunged (i.e., sealed or removed) but still haunt people years later.

Two major news agencies have published articles in years past on the topic. They document cases where even a decade after the records should have been deleted, people are denied jobs, mortgages, and rental units. In Tennessee, it was a problem for 128,000 of its citizens.

Realistically, the odds of there being a problem are infinitesimal and the benefit of knowing how COVID-19 is spread can lead to researchers getting a handle on this menace. That being said, watching how far Big Brother is blurring the line is vital to keeping America free.

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