Council Members Disband Cops – Hire Private Personal Security

Council Members Disband Cops - Hire Private Personal Security

( – The Democrats who run Minneapolis City Council voted last Friday to remove the mandate for a police department from the city’s charter, legally clearing the way for them to disband the department. The council members want to replace the cops with a new agency that will use “a holistic, public health-oriented approach” to crime prevention. However, a state senator has slammed them as hypocrites. The council is planning to deprive the residents of Minneapolis police protection — but they’ve hired private security guards for themselves.

It has now emerged that in the last three weeks, Minneapolis City Council has spent $63,000 of taxpayers’ money on private security details for council members. State Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-MN) condemned the council as hypocrites, saying they want to defund the police who protect ordinary Minnesotans but aren’t willing to do without protection themselves.

Whatever the problem, he says, defunding the police isn’t the solution.

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