Conservatives Take a Stand Against $1.9-Trillion COVID-19 Bill

Conservatives Take a Stand Against $1.9-Trillion COVID-19 Bill

( – Pretty much everyone in Congress recognizes the damage the COVID pandemic has done to the US economy. As a result, the federal government needs to spend a lot of money to help businesses and workers make it through the crisis and start the recovery. The question is, on what should that money be spent? House Republicans want you to know Biden’s plans.

Republicans want more help for American workers and companies – but they’re being forced to push back against President Biden’s eye-watering $1.9-trillion spending bill. According to a memo from the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the bill is stuffed with hidden left-wing handouts. Here are some of the things the administration wants you to pay for, but isn’t telling you:

  • $1,400 stimulus checks to households that include illegal immigrants
  • Paycheck Protection Program checks for Planned Parenthood
  • $600 million to fund extra paid leave for federal employees
  • Selective loan forgiveness for farmers based on their ethnicity
  • Extra funding for colleges linked to Chinese businesses
  • A federally-mandated $15-per-hour minimum wage

The House Budget Committee was scheduled to debate the massive spending package on February 22, but the Republican House Whip has already told GOP congressmen to vote against it. If the bill gets through, it could go down in history as the most expensive piece of socialism in US history.

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