Conservatives Stand Against Pelosi’s Plan

Conservatives Stand Against Pelosi's Plan

( – A conservative activist group is targeting dozens of congressional districts in a fightback against a Democrat plan that could hand vital drug manufacture over to China. Senior Dems want to lower prescription drug prices through federal regulation, because of course, we all associate the government with good value for our money.

On May 10, the American Action Network (AAN) announced it’s expanding its campaign against a plan being pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi wants the government to force down the prices pharma companies can charge for drugs; AAN says that will just force businesses to offshore their manufacturing, using cheaper foreign labor to stay profitable. And what’s the only foreign country that has cheap labor and a pharma industry big enough to meet US demand? Well, that’s China.

AAN says they’re adding another $1 million in funding to the $4 million already pledged for the campaign. They’ll be targeting 45 districts, all held by House Democrats who back Pelosi’s scheme. Their message is simple: If they keep supporting this plan, they’re putting our health in China’s hands.

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