Congressional Map Gets Redrawn In Key State

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – The Louisiana legislature has to meet a Jan. 15 deadline to enact a new congressional map following the ruling of a lower court that the recent boundaries would weaken Black voters in the state. On Friday, an appeals court ruled on the case requiring new maps.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel released the order on Friday which tosses out the 2022 ruling. This is also the latest ruling in the redistricting fight in the state. The 2024 election will decide which party has control of the state House. 

According to the order, the preliminary junction which had required the establishment of a map before the 2022 election was “no longer necessary.” It was also clarified in the opinion that there is still uncertainty over the effects that external factors could have on the development of the case. 

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards could end up calling for a special session that would redraw the boundaries of the map. Republican Gov.-elect Jeff Landry could also end up calling a special redistricting session after he is inaugurated on Jan. 8. 

If the legislature does not move forward with the creation of a new map, then the lower district could also conduct a trial. The court has further argued that the state was obliged to provide a new plan for redistricting. 

Still, Bel Edwards had previously vetoed the creation of a new map that would have reflected the advancement of the state’s Republican-controlled legislature.

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