Concealed Carrier Shoots Self and 3 Others at Walmart By Mistake

Concealed Carrier Shoots Self and 3 Others at Walmart By Mistake

4 People SHOT At Local Walmart – Police Intervene

( – Four people were injured in a Georgia Walmart on Sunday by a single bullet. The freak accident happened when an irresponsible gun owner negligently fired his handgun. Luckily nobody was killed, but the culprit is now in jail.

On August 21, shoppers at a busy Walmart in Lovejoy, Georgia, were startled by a sudden gunshot that left four people wounded. Lovejoy police spokesman Sgt. Akeem Turnbull said the incident was caused by 29-year-old Michael Walton, who was carrying a concealed handgun but didn’t have it in a holster. Instead, he had simply tucked the weapon into his waistband. As he shopped, it slipped inside his pants — and, when he grabbed for it, he pulled the trigger and negligently discharged a single round. Unfortunately, the round didn’t stop in Walton’s leg, which was its first destination; it went on to ricochet around the store, hitting three other people.

Turnbull said the three other victims were treated for “non-life-threatening” wounds to the legs or lower body. Meanwhile, Walton was also treated, then taken to Clayton County Jail and booked on a reckless conduct charge. Turnbull emphasized that Walton was carrying the gun in an unsafe manner, loaded and unsecured. When it slipped, he lost control of the weapon, then caused a potentially deadly incident by pulling the trigger as he grabbed for it. Due to his irresponsible behavior, three innocent people were injured — and everyone in the store was put in deadly danger.

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