Companies Forcing Employees To Do What Now?

Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

( – Last week, Resume Builder shared the latest trend for companies who have started to introduce etiquette training and classes to their employees. According to the latest report, 20 percent of companies have already proceeded with adding these classes and making them available to employees, while 45 percent of companies claimed that they would introduce these training classes in 2023. The survey also found that even more companies were planning on introducing these classes in the following year.

The survey determined that training on workplace conduct was going to be made mandatory for the entire workforce in 60 percent of the companies that either already offer these classes or are planning on including them. However, 19 percent of companies claimed that the training would only be for some employees.

Companies also pointed out that the need for these types of training classes became apparent following certain instances of client interactions, including cases where inappropriate work attire was worn. It is also necessary for employees to all act similarly when it comes to office conduct.

Companies have claimed that this training is going to be primarily focused on certain workers, with most companies stating that those who have just received their degree or are in the 18-27 age range will be required to attend these training classes.

Stacie Haller, the Resume Builder Chief Career Advisor, stated that Generation Z is often criticized for not having the necessary soft skills and professionalism that are required in a work environment. The training will help them adapt to the work environment faster.

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