Comedian Makes Stunning Admission About Andrew Cuomo

Comedian Makes Stunning Admission About Andrew Cuomo

( – Left-wing comedians are regularly criticized for their vicious personal attacks on conservative politicians, but they usually defend themselves by saying they’re just freely expressing their beliefs. However, in some cases, it turns out they don’t actually do that if it’s inconvenient.

On October 11, outspokenly liberal comedian Samantha Bee – who once famously called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t,” spoke to podcaster Kara Swisher about disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). Between his lethally bungled response to the COVID pandemic and the sexual abuse scandal that forced him to resign in August, Cuomo has had a couple of bad years. Now it turns out that Bee was actively working to avoid making things worse for Cuomo.

Bee told Swisher that she’d often discussed the “super problematic” governor with her team last year, but they’d decided “it wasn’t quite the time” to make that kind of admission about a leading Democrat. She freely admitted she thinks Cuomo is “an a**hole,” but his popularity among Democrats made him off-limits for comedians like Bee. Of course, the reason he was popular is that people thought he was doing a good job. People like Bee reportedly knew he wasn’t – but chose to keep quiet.

How many other politicians are being protected by biased media personalities?

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