Columnist Says Biden’s Policies Could “Threaten” Women’s Sports

Columnist Says Biden's Policies Could

( – On January 20, President Joe Biden issued an executive order reversing former President Donald Trump’s policy on transgender people. This new order addresses restroom, locker room and sports discrimination based on gender identity. But not everyone was on board with the idea of transgender women playing in women’s sports.

On January 30 the New York Post ran a piece written by Phil Mushnick, a longtime columnist, entitled “Political Correctness Could Threaten Women’s Sports.” In the article, the author argues that allowing transgender female athletes to play on female sports teams puts biological women at a disadvantage.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) agrees.

Mushnick pointed to a 2018 incident when two transgender women and joined a Connecticut high school track team. They went on to win the competitions they competed in, leading to the elimination of biological girls.

Mushnik is concerned that this new Biden policy will have more of a negative impact on equality than a positive one. Time will tell how this development will affect men’s and women’s sports in the future.

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