College and State Battle Over Ethnic Studies

College and State Battle Over Ethnic Studies

( – California State University’s 484,000 students face being caught up in a bizarre battle between the school’s trustees and the state government. The competing teams are working to impose their own pet lists of politically-correct subjects on undergraduates. The California Legislature is trying to push one set of left-wing obsessions while the university is trying to push another. The luckless students, who pay fees of around $4,000 a semester, are stuck in the middle.

The state legislature has been trying to push through the first change to general education requirements since 1980, by forcing all undergrads to take a course in ethnic studies as a condition of graduating. Sacramento wants a narrow focus on racial issues; Cal State wants to give students a choice between ethnic studies or other forms of social justice indoctrination.

Cal State Chancellor Timothy White says the school’s new requirements are “broader, more inclusive, gives students choice” than the state legislature’s ideas. But, he’s already facing pushback from race activists who object to that choice even being available.

For now, the students are the ones left in limbo until the two parties make a final decision.

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