CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Democrat Jon Ossoff for Lying About Opponent

CNN's Jake Tapper Calls Out Democrat Jon Ossoff for Lying About His Opponent

( – CNN host Jake Tapper struck out at dishonest campaigning on Sunday, January 3, when he slammed a Democrat senate candidate for making false claims about his GOP rival in today’s Georgia runoffs. It’s the latest scandal in a very dirty race.

On December 31, Jon Ossoff (D), who’s running for senator in Georgia against Senator David Perdue (R), told Fox News that Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) had “campaigned with a klansman.” He then repeated the claim in a tweet later that day. This was such a whopping lie that even the relentlessly liberal CNN host felt the need to fact-check it. Tapper pointed out that it was a false statement; a man, who unknown to Loeffler was a member of the KKK, took a selfie with her while she was campaigning.

While interviewing Ossoff on January 3, Tapper told the candidate the accusation was false. Ossoff refused to admit that, and doubled down on it, calling Loeffler’s entire campaign “racist attacks.” A defiant Tapper closed the interview with “Just to be clear… that wasn’t true, what you said.” When even CNN is defending Republicans, you know it’s bad.

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