CNN’s Don Lemon Might Be Next on the Chopping Block

CNN's Don Lemon Might Be Next on the Chopping Block

( – On December 4, CNN fired one of its biggest stars, Chris Cuomo. The journalist was terminated after New York Attorney General Letitia Jones’ office released documents showing he was involved with former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s defense against sexual harassment claims. Now, another of the network’s major stars, Don Lemon, could be on the chopping block.

Lemon is under fire after actor Jussie Smollett revealed on the stand CNN warned him the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his allegations he’d been the victim of a hate crime allegedly carried out by supporters of then-President Donald Trump. The actor’s testimony led to calls by Conservatives to fire the CNN host for his inappropriate actions. Jack Posobiec, an activist on the Right, accused Lemon of obstructing justice.

Conservative author Nick Adams called on CNN to fire Lemon if it turns out he tipped Smollett off about the police investigation. Carmine Sabia, another voice on the Right, slammed the cable news network for hiring activists rather than journalists.

Lemon called Smollett a liar on Thursday, December 9, hours after the actor was found guilty of five counts of disorderly conduct for lying to the police. However, the news host didn’t mention he’d been mentioned in the testimony. CNN has not commented on the matter.

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