CNN Report Exposes Wildly Dysfunctional Office of the Vice President

CNN Report Exposes Wildly Dysfunctional Office of the Vice President

( – Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t exactly impressed the nation since she took office. To be fair, though, it seems not all of that is her fault.

On November 14, CNN released a new report into the state of Harris’s office, and it makes for horrifying reading. The news network’s investigation, which included interviewing over 30 people, confirmed all the rumors that Harris’s staff is totally dysfunctional – and it seems the problems start at the top.

Harris has complained to her aides that there are limits on what she can do. That doesn’t seem too remarkable – after all, she’s only the vice president – but it seems President Biden is nervous about her political ambitions, and his team is “highly attuned to signs of disloyalty.”

Harris’s own staff seems loyal to her, but there have been several reports of her office being an undesirable place to work and complaints that staff doesn’t feel supported. As VP, Harris gets saddled with a lot of minor or low-profile jobs Biden wants to ditch. It doesn’t help that many feel she often doesn’t do a great job at carrying out her assignments. Republicans have criticized Harris for bungling border security and failing to push back against a questioner who accused Israel of genocide. Just to balance things out, she’s also in trouble with the Left for telling migrants they shouldn’t cross our borders.

Since she became VP, Harris’s approval ratings have tanked even faster than Biden’s. She’s made some mistakes – but her staff should steer her away from those, and it seems they’re not up to the job. Now, other White House staff members are reportedly fed up with the mess her office has become, and try to avoid her. Our vice president isn’t getting the support she clearly needs, and the president is visibly declining. America needs leadership, but right now it isn’t getting any.

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