CNN May Fire Key Staffers to Help Bolster Reputation

CNN to Fire Key Staffers to Help Bolster Reputation

CNN Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Save Their Reputation — It’s Not Going Well

( – Is the liberal media finally getting the message that it’s out of touch with ordinary Americans? CNN is carrying out a review of its presenters, and a purge could be on its way. It seems the network has realized it has been acting perhaps too partisan for the audience’s taste, and now they want to save their reputation.

A June 7 report by Axios says Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN, is trying to restore the network’s reputation — and its ultra-liberal presenters are squarely in his sights. Licht wants CNN to become less politically polarizing and he expects its on-air talent to fall in line. According to Axios, the network’s presenters and anchors will be given a chance to show they’re willing to uphold CNN’s new, less partisan values; if they fail the test, they risk being fired.

During the Trump Administration, CNN’s liberal bias turned into open partisanship. Presenters used their platform to abuse the president and ridicule Republicans. This might have played well with some on the far left, but Conservatives — and even many in the media, including the Washington Post — were less happy at the network’s rejection of journalistic standards. Now Licht, who replaced Jeff Zucker following a scandal over Zucker’s undeclared relationship with another CNN executive, is trying to repair the damage.

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