CNN Analyst Rips Teen for Exercising Free Speech

CNN Analyst Rips Teen for Exercising Free Speech

( – Another member of the mainstream media shreds journalistic integrity — this time at the expense of a teenager exercising his right to free speech.

CNN political analyst, Joe Lockhart, took to his Twitter account to bully Nick Sandmann shortly after his speech during the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC), calling him a “snot-nosed entitled kid.”

Ironically, the focus of Sandmann’s speech was a call for the media to return to “providing balanced, responsible” news coverage. Sadly, it appears from his tweet that Lockhart proved his point.

Sandmann, you might recall, came under media fire after a video of him being confronted by a Native American during the January 2019 March for Life rally went viral.

Initial reports criticized Sandmann and classmates from Covington Catholic High School for initiating the confrontation with Nathan Phillips, a participant in the Indigenous Peoples March held in Washington, DC, the same day.

However, a longer video painted a different picture, and Sandmann eventually reached settlements with CNN and The Washington Post for defaming his character through their erroneous reporting of the 2019 incident.

Perhaps karma will come knocking on Lockhart’s door one day soon in the form of a defamation lawsuit.

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