Clever GOP Governor Transforms Biden’s Backyard Into a Border Town

Clever GOP Governor Transforms Biden's Backyard Into a Border Town

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) made a bold and historic move on immigration when he had a busload of illegal immigrants dropped off just blocks from the UC Capitol in Washington, DC. The people in question were former detainees of the federal government, released into the wild in Texas after processing. Abbott used his executive authority to order the state’s emergency management agency to transfer the refugees back to Biden’s caring arms.

Calling the Bluff Backfires

When Abbott announced his intentions, the White House dismissed it as a publicity stunt. Even a Republican lawmaker, State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R), called the move a gimmick, according to Fox News. Those remarks seemingly added to Abbott’s resolve. The governor’s busing plan can safely move up to 40 people, plus adequate supplies, from border towns across the south of Texas to the nation’s capital.

The buses will continue to patrol areas identified as those used by the federal government as drop off spots, where they will re-engage with the illegals and send them packing. The plan is already working, according to Fox, with reports of immigrant drop-offs declining sharply since Abbott’s play.

The Political Fallout

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was elated about the move, tweeting his approval for Abbott’s new program. The sentiment may also be contagious, as Arizona’s Republican US Rep Andy Biggs (AZ) is urging his governor to do the same. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is also a fan of sending migrants away. He says he’ll send immigrants to Biden’s home state of Delaware, and has threatened in the past to send busloads of illegals to Hollywood, California, as well as Washington, DC.

A Response to a Dangerous Policy

The Biden administration intends to end a Trump-era program called Title 42 that allows immigration officials to expel people because of the coronavirus pandemic. Once the policy expires in May, border states will once again find themselves somewhat helpless against an influx of immigrants with no quick, legal way to get rid of them.

Abbott’s plan may seem brilliant, but it’s only effective with immigrants willing to make the journey voluntarily. A landmark 2012 Supreme Court Case, Arizona v United States, established that the individual states have no jurisdiction to create their own immigration policies. The ruling used the Supremacy Clause as precedent.

Standing Firm

In a statement, Governor Abbott reaffirmed his commitment to keeping the people of his state safe from the dangerous drugs and violent crime that inherently follow immigrant communities. It would appear he’s fierce in his resolve to hold the Biden administration accountable for its failures at the southern US border.

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