City Complains About Pro-Cop Mural

City Complains About Pro-Cop Mural

( – A group of Tampa, FL, citizens decided to show their appreciation for their local police department on Saturday. They painted a “Back the Blue” mural outside the department HQ – then found themselves on the wrong side of city hall.

Back the Blue Florida and Community Patriots of Tampa decided to paint the mural over the weekend and started work Saturday night. Organizers said the tribute was popular with passers-by joining in the work.

Problems only surfaced Sunday after the mural was completed and city officials started complaining that it hadn’t been properly authorized. Mayor Jane Castor said it was “unfortunate they didn’t see the permitting process through.”

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter murals have been painted in many locations across the country, and trying to cover them up can get you in serious trouble. At least three people have been arrested after painting over parts of one provocative mural outside Trump Tower in New York, and a couple in Martinez, CA, was charged with a hate crime after covering another with black paint.

Seems a bit hypocritical, no?

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