Citizens Scream in Agony As Chinese Government Takes Lockdowns to a Terrifying New Level

Citizens Scream In Agony As Chinese Government Takes Lockdowns to a Terrifying New Level

( – In the beginning, many praised China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic – but the horrifying consequences of that response are starting to show. With there being another COVID outbreak in Shanghai, the regime recently reimplemented brutal lockdown policies that have kept citizens forbidden from leaving their homes for over a week now.

China has been aggressively pursuing a zero-COVID policy since January 2020, an approach that’s won praise from western Leftists who support lockdowns and mask mandates. The problem is this policy has its own victims – the Chinese people. The ongoing lockdown in Shanghai, the epicenter of China’s current omicron outbreak, is pushing the city towards social breakdown.

Shanghai residents are posting videos of the situation on Weibo, China’s leading social media platform. Communist censors delete the videos as fast as they can, but while the videos survive they’re showing food riots, locked-down residents screaming from the windows of the homes they’re trapped in and suspected cases where people are being dragged off to primitive quarantine camps.

Other reports from Shanghai say People’s Liberation Army units have been deployed to the city to enforce the lockdown. People aren’t allowed to leave their apartments for any reason, and inefficient distribution systems mean food reserves are rotting before they can be handed out.

Shanghai’s people are starting to rebel against the restrictions, gathering on their balconies to sing and shout protests. Government officials and police are being confronted outside apartment buildings. If Chinese communists can’t enforce zero COVID, with the full weight of an authoritarian regime behind them, is it a realistic policy for the West?

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