Christian Workers Ordered To Defy Their Faith

Photo by daniel james on Unsplash

( – Felix Ngole, a Christian social worker, had decided to file a lawsuit against a company that had instructed him to accept and promote homosexuality as part of his job at the hospital. As he revealed, he had his job offer withdrawn because of refusing these terms. He added that it was necessary for other Christians to also “stand up” for their beliefs when they are being attacked or treated with hostility in the workplace.

As he revealed to Fox News Digital it would have been easy for him not to take any action and to have remained quiet. However, as someone who had grown up in Cameroon, he had found it “very sad” to see his Christian beliefs attacked in the United Kingdom during his time pursuing social work.

Ngole stated that growing up he had always considered the U.K. and U.S. as places where freedom of speech and religion had always been protected, however, that is not what he had found when he started his career in the U.K. In 2019, Ngola managed to win a landmark free speech case filed against his university after he was removed from a social work program for quoting a Bible verse when talking about homosexuality in a Facebook post.

These comments came back to haunt him while he was applying to get a job in the NHS and the recruiting organization found his opinions about marriage and homosexuality. After being offered a job he was instructed by Touchstone Leeds, the recruiter, that he was required to “embrace and promote” homosexuality as part of this role. This was a requirement despite his being told that he was the best candidate that had applied.

Ngole has now filed his case with an employment tribunal claiming that he was religiously discriminated against.

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