Chris Cuomo Is Back in the Spotlight — See How

Chris Cuomo Is Back in the Spotlight -- See How

Chris Cuomo Is Back — And You Won’t Believe What He’s Up To Now

( – On July 26, former CNN host Chris Cuomo appeared on NewsNation in an interview with Dan Abrams. During the show, he announced his plans to join the network with his own primetime show. The former TV personality who was ousted amidst a scandal said he just wants to help people, and this is the best way he can accomplish that task.

In December 2021, CNN fired Cuomo from his anchor position following accusations that he helped his brother, ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), during the investigations into instances of him sexually harassing various women. There were also similar allegations against the former host.

President of Networks at Nexstar Media Inc, Sean Compton, said Chris Cuomo joining the team will help his corner of the media to deliver “fair and transparent” news to the public. The businessman stated that NewsNation strives to focus on facts with no spin. Considering Compton’s claims about the network, the previously popular host may feel like he fits the bill.

Recently on his podcast, The Chris Cuomo Project, the newly announced host said he has no party affiliation, even though his brother and father are both Democrats. He said he wants to focus on solving problems that people worry about while largely avoiding the “political circus.”

Do you think Cuomo’s comeback will be a success, or do you feel his time on-air has passed?

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