Chinese Hackers Prepare To Target Americans

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified on Capitol Hill that Chinese hackers were getting ready to “wreak havoc” in the country and on the lives of American citizens. 

During his testimony in front of the House Select Committee Wray spoke about the Chinese Communist Party arguing that there has been very little focus placed on how these hackers from the People’s Republic of China were attacking the United States critical infrastructure, including pipelines, electrical grid, treatment plants, and even the transportation systems. Wray argued that the risk that this poses for American citizens means that there needs to be action taken now in preparation for these attacks. 

He added that the hackers were positioning themselves in a way that would allow them to cause real harm to American communities as soon as China decided that it was time for them to strike. 

Wray added that every day there are “Chinese hackers” who are actively attacking the country’s economic security and that they are not only targeting the economy and security but also the freedoms of the American people. He added that their reach extended to within the U.S. border and that they were silencing and threatening American residents and citizens. 

Last year in April Wray had testified that when it came to addressing the threat of China, FBI agents were outnumbered by “at least 50 to 1.” He added that Beijing had stolen more data, both corporate and personal from the United States than any other country.

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