China Used Internet Troll Army to Shape COVID-19 Narrative

( – Earlier this year, Americans learned the Chinese government hid the coronavirus outbreak for weeks while they stockpiled essential supplies. When the Communists finally let the world know about the deadly virus, it was too late to put a lid on it. New reporting reveals the foreign Communist government took other actions as well.

On Saturday, December 19, ProPublica published documents revealing the Chinese government deployed internet trolls to shape the narrative surrounding the virus. The death of Dr. Li Wenliang, a COVID-19 whistleblower in the country, set off the campaign. University of California at Berkeley research scientist Xiao Qiang said the Communist government’s propaganda operation is “a huge thing” that “no other country has” at their disposal.

President Donald Trump has been warning about Chinese propaganda for months. He’s even accused the WHO of buying into it and spreading it at the expense of the rest of the world. It seems the president was correct. The Communists were trying to shape the narrative and it seems far too many bought into it.

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