China Threatens Taiwan With Increased Military Presence

China Threatens Taiwan With Increased Military Presence

( – The crisis in the Taiwan Strait continues to grow, with the Chinese Communists ramping up military pressure on their US-backed independent democratic neighbor Taiwan. With US units also in the area, it’s becoming a serious potential flashpoint.

On January 31, Taiwanese media reported that Chinese warplanes had intruded into the island nation’s airspace on 30 separate days that month, with the largest incursions involving up to 15 aircraft. Chinese marines are also exercising just across the Taiwan Strait, which at its narrowest, is only 81 miles wide.

Although Taiwan has been separate from China since the 1940s, the Communists insist it’s an integral part of their country. The Chinese are now insisting Taiwan’s formal declaration of independence “means war.”

Despite this latest threat, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen says his nation is already independent. With the US as Taiwan’s main military backer and guarantor of its freedom, that puts the US in the firing line too – and it seems China is testing President Biden’s resolve.

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