China Threatens Invasion of Taiwan With New Military Drills, Reports Say

China Threatens Invasion of Taiwan With New Military Drills, Reports Say

( – In March, Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, warned the Senate Armed Services Committee he believes China could invade Taiwan within the next six years. “Unifying” the island is one of the main goals of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which believes the island is part of One China. Recently, the Communist government reportedly began threatening the island with military drills and issued a warning to the US.

For years, the US abided by China’s wishes and did not have a formal relationship with Taiwan. Former President Donald Trump changed that and President Joe Biden has remained committed to his predecessor’s policy. This has angered China. On July 29, China’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian warned the Biden administration it would face “severe consequences” if it continued to support Taiwan.

“We earnestly warn the US — those who play with fire will be burned,” Qian said.

The Chinese military has also reportedly staged drills for a Taiwan invasion, saying it would beat both Great Britain and the US if they try to help the island.

A new study written by the Virginia-based Project 2049 Institute warns the violence and scale of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan “defies human comprehension.” Analyst Ian Easton said the CCP could deploy as many as 2 million troops, while Taiwan’s 500,000 fighting forces would turn the island’s beaches into a killing field.

Aside from Taiwan giving into the CCP (something it seems unlikely to do), it’s unclear what could stop a future invasion.

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