China Targets U.S. Troops

Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

( – China has set its sights on present and past members of the U.S. military as part of an initiative to enhance its own military capabilities, says a leading U.S. general.

A report, penned by Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. and shared last Friday, was confirmed by an Air Force representative. According to the report, the Chinese military is urging global corporations with ties to the People’s Republic of China to scout and engage individuals who have had training with the U.S. and NATO military in various specializations.

Gen. Brown noted in the report, originally highlighted by the Washington Post, that when individuals enter agreements with these overseas entities, it weakens U.S. national security. This potentially compromises the safety of their peers and the nation. Brown emphasized the importance of continuing to protect defense-related information even after departing from military service.

An agent from the Air Force’s investigative body informed the Washington Post that the U.S. has noticed China trying to lure Americans via seemingly harmless job propositions. Veterans, especially pilots with vast knowledge, might be directly approached at defense-related gatherings with job opportunities tailored to their skills. The report mentioned roles like aerospace equipment specialists and landing-signal officers, which demand specific expertise.

However, these job offers come from firms either overseen by China’s government or associated with the Chinese Communist Party. Such companies are on the hunt for professionals to unknowingly share their knowledge, which then funnels directly to the Chinese military.

There’s growing concern among U.S. officials that once these professionals recognize the ties to China, they might be reluctant to exit these positions.

An official emphasized the deceptive nature of this strategy, advising individuals to be wary of offers that seem overly attractive. This cautionary note follows reports from the FBI and Department of Defense about over 100 instances of individuals appearing to be Chinese tourists trying to gain access to U.S. military and federal locations.

The so-called “gate crashers” include incidents of individuals breaching a U.S. missile site in New Mexico or being detected near a rocket launch location in Florida. These actions are seen as potential spying activities, with some believing the Chinese government is directing these individuals to probe and relay back information on security measures at these sites.

The FBI has previously highlighted the significant counterintelligence challenges posed by China, particularly concerning information and intellectual property theft.

The FBI stated their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s intelligence and security, vowing to counteract the Chinese government’s attempts to harm the U.S.’s democratic principles and those dedicated to protecting them.

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