China Says It Will Respond to US Latest Action in Taiwan

China Says It Will Respond To US Latest Action in Taiwan

( – The Chinese Communist Party threw a tantrum on Monday, November 23, hurling threats after a US admiral visited Taiwan. The despotic regime warned of a “legitimate and necessary” response to the visit, which is diplomatic code for crude attempts at intimidation.

The visitor China is so offended by was Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, director of the J2 – intelligence – staff branch of Indo-Pacific Command. The low-key visit ties in with increased defense cooperation between the US and Taiwan under President Trump. However, it has outraged the hyper-sensitive Beijing regime.

China has a history of responding to US visits with bluster and threats. Following two visits to Taiwan last year by senior administration officials, Beijing sent combat aircraft into Taiwanese airspace in a display of aggressive petulance.

Speaking in Manila on Monday, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien warned China not to step over the line into military action, saying, “The US is with her friends in Taipei. We will continue to be there.”

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