China Removes Alleged Misinformation From Media Outlets

China Removes Alleged Misinformation From Media Outlets

( – China’s communist regime has reportedly been caught lying about the coronavirus pandemic yet again. This time, one of its disinformation operations was uncovered by Switzerland – and now it looks like Beijing is trying to cover its tracks.

Last month, Chinese state-run media started promoting the story of a Swiss biologist who was highly critical of US attempts to investigate the source of the COVID pandemic. The alleged scientist, who went by the suspiciously un-Swiss name of Wilson Edwards, claimed the US was “attacking” China’s ruling Communist party and intimidating researchers who disagreed. Unsurprisingly, China was very happy to publicize this story.

Then it all started to come unwrapped. On August 10, the Swiss embassy in Beijing sent a tweet dismissing the story as “likely” fake news. They pointed out that:

  • There is no Swiss citizen called Wilson Edwards
  • Nobody called Wilson Edwards has ever written a scientific paper on biology
  • Edwards’s Facebook account was created on July 24, and only made one post – the one condemning the US.

Now, the Facebook account has disappeared and Chinese media sources are quickly deleting any English-language articles about “Edwards” and the story. However, Chinese-language ones are still up. Does this mean the communists plan to keep lying to their own people?

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