China Reaches Private Deal With Russia to Take on Joe Biden

China Reaches Private Deal With Russia to Take on Joe Biden

( – US tensions with Russia and China have been steadily climbing since President Joe Biden took office. Where former President Donald Trump’s administration took a hard stance, Biden’s administration is not nearly as forceful in handling issues as they arise. However, that might change as it seems the two foreign nations are looking to create a private deal in order to take on Joe Biden.

On December 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, held a virtual summit. The two parties discussed a myriad of topics, but at the forefront of the conversation was Xi’s proposal the two join forces to “more effectively safeguard the security interests of both parties.” Xi acknowledges the two countries face ongoing pressure from the United States and supporting each other is essential to overcome the strife they both face.

A worrying topic of discussion included the idea of creating an “independent financial infrastructure,” that relies less on Western banks. Should this come to fruition, economic sanctions wouldn’t hit either country nearly as hard, rendering Biden’s threats essentially meek and useless.

Russia Tensions

The US-Russia relationship is on shaky ground because of Russia’s presence along Ukraine’s border. It reeks of 2014 all over again, when the Kremlin annexed Crimea as part of its country while Barack Obama was in office. President Joe Biden has warned Putin not to invade Ukraine or face strict sanctions that would severely impact his nation’s economy. Putin seemed nonplussed by the threat, stating his military is on its “own territory,” and its troops “don’t threaten anyone.”

Putin demanded NATO allies not allow Ukraine to become part of the military alliance in its expansion. So far, his demands have been denied.

The China Threat

Tensions with China center around several matters. There’s the issue of China strong-arming Taiwan with its military efforts, the purported human rights abuse of its Uyghur minority population, and finally, the US diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics.

An Uyghur forced labor bill is currently making its way through Congress, having passed the house in a unanimous vote on December 14. Should it reach President Biden’s desk, it could be a game-changer for diplomatic relations between the two countries.

While the relationship between China and Russia is nothing new, it’s worrying that the two world powers are seeking to collaborate in efforts against the US. It’s up to the Biden Administration to keep a close eye on events to eliminate threats, should they arise.

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