China Launches 11 Missiles Near Taiwan Following Pelosi Visit

China Launches 11 Missiles Near Taiwan Following Pelosi Visit

Pelosi FAILURE? – Chinese Missiles Go Up!

( – China has dialed up its aggression toward Taiwan following the House Speaker’s visit to the island last week. In a furious display of childish rage, the communist regime launched nearly a dozen ballistic missiles into the sea around Taiwan. Now the democratic nation is looking at how to cope with the threat of an economic blockade.

On August 4, the People’s Liberation Army carried out a “live fire exercise” that, in fact, seems to have been a thinly-veiled attempt to intimidate the Taiwanese government and US leadership. The Dong Feng-15 short-range ballistic missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads, were fired from multiple locations and landed in the sea northeast and southwest of Taiwan. China claimed the “precision missile strikes” were launched against “selected targets in the eastern area of the Taiwan Strait” as part of an exercise, but in reality, they were dangerous and irresponsible.

Officials had to cancel dozens of flights from Taipei’s international airport as unannounced missile launches caused a risk in Taiwanese airspace. The ongoing Chinese exercises are also forcing Taiwan to look at rerouting shipping, possibly permanently. Beijing ordered civilian shipping to leave the impact zones, which are in international waters, just hours before the missiles started flying. Five landed in Japan’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Area.

Is China’s bullying of Taiwan unacceptable, and is the US doing enough to protect the democratic island nation?

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