China in Hot Water After Deploying Boats Near Neighboring Countries

China in Hot Water With Neighboring Countries for Ship Deployments

( – China has been throwing its weight around in the South China Sea for years, pushing a series of territorial claims against most of its neighbors. Now, they might have pushed hard enough that the rest of the region is getting ready to shove back.

On March 18 and 19, a Chinese naval force sailed through the Tsushima Strait into the Sea of Japan. The group of three ships – led by the 12,000-ton Type 055 missile cruiser Nanchang – didn’t violate Japanese territorial waters. The Strait is iconic in Japanese naval history, since they defeated a Russian fleet there in 1905.

Two days later, the Philippines government ordered more than 200 Chinese fishing boats to leave a reef in the Spratly Islands, which Manila says is its territory. China is pushing its own claims in the disputed island group – and it’s already used fishing boats as a Trojan horse to seize control of a strategically-located reef. Now Manila fears the Communist country is doing it again.

The Philippines has sent a formal diplomatic protest over China’s presence at Whitsun Reef, while Japan’s defense ministry is “monitoring” the Chinese warships, which have now turned north. However, the incursion could fuel calls for Japan to evaluate its own military actions and push back against Chinese aggression.

On March 22, Japanese media reported that Tokyo is considering military intervention if China attacks Taiwan. Consider that the US is allied with Taiwan. With Japan’s own military growing in power, it’s one even China has to take seriously.

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