China Claims It Would Defeat US in South China Sea, Report Says

China Claims to Be

( – Communist China has reportedly cranked the bluster dial all the way to 11 this week, issuing a warning that their armed forces are now “ready to defeat” the US in the South China Sea. The threat follows months of aggression aimed at Taiwan and China’s other neighbors.

Last week, US forces carried out a joint exercise with units from Japan, Australia and France in the South China Sea. Billed as joint warfighting practice, the real goal, according to Daily Express, was to mount a show of force and convince China to back away from its aggressive stance in the region. Unfortunately, it seems to have annoyed the Communists instead of deterring them.

RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reportedly said that on May 13, an editorial in the Communist Party-controlled Global Times claimed the US would be “defeated” if it got into a war with China in the South China Sea. This follows on from earlier articles calling US aircraft carriers “paper tigers” that are vulnerable to Chinese missiles. Beijing’s military muscle is a long way short of matching its words, but the level of aggression is rising at a worrying pace.

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