China Blasts Comedian Over Skit About Taiwan

China Blasts Comedian Over Skit About Taiwan

( – It looks like the Chinese Communist Party is bored with censoring its own people. Now the repressive regime is complaining it doesn’t like the jokes on US TV shows.

On October 24, comedian John Oliver discussed the volatile relationship between China and Taiwan on HBO’s Last Week Tonight. This is an issue many Americans don’t know a lot about, and Oliver sought to explain it in a humorous way. But, it seems Beijing didn’t get the joke.

On October 26, the Global Times printed a long article complaining about Oliver’s show. The Chinese newspaper is well known as a regime mouthpiece. The paper claimed that Oliver ignored facts and misled the public on the issue. Of course, the Global Times article is all most Chinese will ever know about what Oliver said, because the show has been rigorously censored on the country’s Party-controlled social media.

Why is Beijing so annoyed? One report from Newsweek noted that Monday was the 50th anniversary of the communists taking over China’s seat at the United Nations – which was previously held by Taiwan – and that the skit appeared to overshadow the occasion. Is China so addicted to meddling that they’re even using their propaganda sources to attack our comedy shows?

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