China at Least a Decade Behind US Cyber Ability, Study Says

China at Least a Decade Behind US Cyber Ability, Study Says

( – Our government and military are rightly worried about Chinese cyber warfare. There have been some well-publicized data breaches where China has been involved. Their tech companies are collecting information about our citizens on a massive scale, facilitated by the internet which is infested with Chinese Communist Party trolls. The news isn’t all bad, though. While China is a formidable cyber adversary, the US is still out in front – and likely to stay that way for at least 10 years.

On June 28, British media reported that a new study has found serious weaknesses in China’s cyberwar capability. The study was carried out by Britain’s International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS,) and found that China suffers from poor security and bad intelligence analysis.

IISS says that China’s obsession with enforcing “correct” political thought, and cracking down on dissidents, seems to have taken its attention off the security of its actual internet infrastructure. That makes Chinese data vulnerable to attack. Meanwhile, the focus on communist ideology makes its intelligence analysis “less mature” than the AUSCANNZUKUS “Five Eyes” nations. In other words, their analysts look for what communist theory tells them should be there, instead of what’s really there.

Finally, IISS rated the US as the only “top tier” cyber power. China and Russia are in tier two, along with the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Israel – all US allies. The Chinese Communists can make a nuisance of themselves in cyberspace, but they’re a long way from dominating it.

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