China and Russia Plan Joint Military Exercises

China and Russia Plan Joint Military Exercises

Did Russia And China Just COMBINE Their Military?

( – China and Russia have built an alliance over the last several years. The two countries share similar authoritarian ideologies and often criticize Western nations. Each year, the two nations conduct joint military exercises, and this year is no different.

On Wednesday, August 17, reports revealed that Chinese troops were headed to Russia to participate in a joint exercise with India, Mongolia, Belarus, and other countries. The military drills, called “Vostok,” will take place from August 30 until September 5.

In 2019, China, Russia, India, and Pakistan took part in a series of military drills. Pundits claimed it was intended to send a message to the West. In both 2020 and 2021, the countries carried out similar exercises.

The latest war games come at a time of increased tension between Russia and China, and Western nations. The conflict in Ukraine, coupled with the Chinese Communist Party’s threats against Taiwan, has the world on edge.

There are concerns the PRC’s leader Xi Jinping might try to invade Taiwan while the world is distracted by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s antics. The annual military drills seem like a way to ratchet up the animosity even more. China has said the event has nothing to do with the current international issues.

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