China and Kamala Harris Exchange Blows Amid Increased Tensions

China and Kamala Harris Exchange Blows Amid Increased Tensions

( – US-China relations have just gotten even more tense after Vice President Kamala Harris and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started throwing accusations of bullying and intimidation at each other.

Harris is currently on a week-long visit to Singapore and Vietnam, two states that are coming under increasing pressure from China. She told Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Xuan Phuc while talking in Hanoi on August 25, that the US and its allies have to increase pressure on China to obey international law on freedom of the seas and territorial claims.

The CCP quickly hit back, with Beijing’s foreign ministry accusing the US of causing disruptions and meddling where it doesn’t belong. State-run media also reported that Harris was trying to “coerce” and “intimidate” regional countries into turning against China. Meanwhile, China is trying to assert control over the South China Sea, where much of the world’s cargo passes through when shipped. Other countries bordering that sea – including Vietnam, which fought off a Chinese invasion in 1979 – are increasingly worried about Beijing’s aggression and want closer links with the US as a deterrent.

Now Harris has offered Vietnam more frequent visits by US warships and aircraft as a sign of American determination to stop China’s expansion. The problem is, with US troops mired in an undignified scramble to leave Afghanistan this week, will China take the Biden administration’s tough talk seriously?

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