Children HOSPITALS Are Noticing A Pattern!

Respiratory Illnesses Flood Children's Hospital

Respiratory Illnesses Flood Children’s Hospital

( – A new respiratory epidemic is sweeping through states in the South and Northeast, with children suffering the most. Hospitals are facing an overwhelming number of sick kids. There’s also a serious risk to children with heart disease or immune disorders.

New data from the CDC shows an alarming spike in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a disease that’s spread through the air and can have a range of effects. In adults, it’s one of the viruses that can cause the common cold, but in children, it’s often more serious. RSV is the most common reason infants are hospitalized with respiratory problems.

Over the last few weeks, cases have spiked in several states, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. The virus started its surge in late summer, which surprised doctors — it’s usually most common in winter. Now, it’s becoming a crisis in many areas.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center says it’s been “swamped” by SRV cases. Dr. Juan Salazar told journalists all their pediatric critical care beds are full, and cases are overflowing into temporary tent wards. Children’s hospitals in Washington, DC, are at capacity, with more than 650 beds occupied.

Most kids with RSV will have typical cold symptoms, but in more serious cases, they can present with fast or short breaths, grunting sounds, blue or purple skin discoloration, and a sunken chest when they breathe out. If you see these symptoms in your child, seek medical help.

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