Chaplain Videos Disappear from FB

Chaplain Videos Disappear from FB

( – The Left’s anti-Christian bias has reared its ugly head again. A group focusing on the US military is patting itself on the back for its success in having Facebook remove videos of several chaplains trying to encourage their troops. This has come to the attention of Franklin Graham, son of the late Rev. Billy Graham.

The group took exception to these men and woman trying to encourage soldiers during this COVID-19 pandemic. In their prayers, the chaplains can be heard uttering such “horrendous” things as: “You are invited to pray… for family… the sick and…our leaders,” and “we can…place our trust in [God], and walk forward in His strength…”

The problem is they only take into consideration half of the First Amendment, the religious clause. They ignore the free exercise part and appoint progressive liberal judges who feel the same way. Groups like this have managed to remove almost all traces of God from the public eye and from the military.

But this isn’t just about Christianity, it’s about freedom, and everyone who loves it needs to remember the poem First They Came by Pastor Martin Niemoller. In it, he bemoaned how the Nazis took control in the 1930s and 40s. He ended with these words: “Then they came for me / And there was no one left / To speak out for me.”

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