CEOs Have Had Enough of de Blasio’s Incompetence

CEOs Have Had Enough of De Blasio's Incompetence

( – New York City’s embattled Mayor, Bill de Blasio (D), has been facing increasing criticism for his incompetence. On Tuesday, September 8, President Trump blasted him for his mismanagement of the COVID pandemic and the damage he’s inflicted on the city. On Wednesday, a local congressman, Max Rose (D-NY) called him “the worst mayor in history.” Now scores of major businesses have joined in, urging the mayor to do his job properly.

On Thursday, more than 160 CEOs, representing businesses that include Mastercard, Lyft and Macy’s, wrote a joint letter to the mayor. In it, they raise a litany of complaints about the deteriorating situation in the city, particularly crime and collapsing public services.

Shootings in New York are running 50% higher than last year, while arrests for gun crime have fallen by 13%. Meanwhile, the city is awash in garbage thanks to reduced collections. It’s not hard to work out why things are falling apart.

The latest NYC budget, passed in June, cut $100 million from the sanitation department and a staggering $1 billion from the NYPD. Now, the people whose businesses keep the Big Apple afloat want the mayor to deal with the consequences of his decisions and get the city running again.

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