Censorship: Internet Giants Move to Silence President

Censorship: Internet Giants Move to Silence President

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Donald Trump loves to speak directly to the people and he does it through Twitter. There are media figures and lawmakers who hate this. They don’t believe he should tweet, but the commander-in-chief doesn’t care.

Throughout his first term he’s used the social media platform as his primary means of communication to get his messages to the people. He also uses it when he wants to set the record straight or hit back when someone attacks him. Now, a member of the mainstream media (MSM) is trying to get him banned from Twitter.

Hurt Feelings and Censorship

Over the last few weeks, the president has been on the attack. His target is Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The television host has spent weeks insulting the president and blaming him for the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, Trump grew tired of it and decided to call Scarborough out about the mysterious 2001 death of a member of his congressional staff when he was a congressman.

The president’s words angered Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough’s wife. She began demanding Twitter remove his account.

She then escalated and started reaching out to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

When her tweets didn’t work, she began calling the head of the company. Then, the thinly veiled threats began.

Finally, hours after her meltdown began, she tweeted a bombshell.

Basically, she’s using her position as a popular television host to try to censor the president of the United States.

Violating the President’s Rights

It’s outrageous that active members of the media are trying to censor the president of the US. As if he somehow loses his rights because he’s the most powerful person in the country.

There’s a debate raging about whether or not social media platforms should have the right to censor anyone. Is it a violation of the First Amendment? Technically, no. However, should it be? Some would argue it should be a violation of the Constitution and banning people would violate fundamental rights. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube function as a modern-day public square. Banning a person from using that space means they’re silenced and unable to reach out.

Sure, the president has a big, loud platform even without his account. Does that mean a member of the MSM should be allowed to collude with a social media giant to take away his direct line to the American people? Do they have a right to silence him?

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