Celebrating the US Constitution

Celebrating the US Constitution

(TargetLiberty.org) – “We the people” — with those three words, the 55 members of the Constitutional Convention drafted one of the most important documents written in the history of humankind.

Thirteen states sent delegates to the convention, except for Rhode Island, which refused to send a representative due to concerns regarding the burden a centralized government might place on local businesses. George Washington led the convention as its president by unanimous consent.

Benjamin Franklin served as the oldest delegate at the ripe age of 80. There were a few conspicuous absences among the country’s founders, including John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, due to their roles as ambassadors overseas.

The Convention finished drafting the Constitution on September 17, 1787. It went into effect on March 4, 1789, and the rest is history.

Over the years, the Constitution saw the addition of 27 amendments. Still, for the most part, it remained solid — at least until nationwide racial and political unrest coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country beginning in early 2020.

A Country in Crisis

When history looks back at 2020, there will be no shortage of bad-craziness to review. Quarantines, coast-to-coast riots, the rise of radical elements in Democratic-led cities and states are but a few examples of the downward spiral of stability in the year’s waning months.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of 2020 was the degradation of constitutional norms. For instance, several states found themselves under fire in the courts for violating their residents’ constitutionally-protected rights to freedom of religion and assembly.

North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, serves as a perfect example of a state violating the First Amendment. County officials assessed thousands of dollars of fines against the church for conducting in-person worship services, much to the disbelief of many Americans.

Similarly, efforts by some states to impermissibly restrict the movement of citizens against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic are getting shot down by the courts.

Take Pennsylvania, for example. On September 14, a federal judge shut down the state’s quarantine program, ruling some of the restrictions enacted by Democratic governor Tom Wolf violated citizens’ rights.

The list goes on with talk of banning firearms in defiance of Second Amendment protections, denial of civil rights to criminal defendants like retired Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort.

America is at a crossroads this year. Constitutional norms once considered sacrosanct are under deliberate assault. However, the American public at large is not helpless. Voting, one of our most cherished rights in a democracy, is one of the best ways to speak truth to power.

The ability to take back America and preserve its constitutional norms is in our hands. All we have to do is take a few minutes out of our day and vote. Because, when Conservatives vote – America wins.

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