Candidates Endorsed by DeSantis Boast 80%+ Success Rate

Candidates Endorsed by DeSantis Boast 80%+ Success Rate

DeSantis Boasts EPIC Success Streak – The Tide Is Turning

( – Florida Conservatives won a string of victories in last week’s school board elections, with several major liberal-controlled boards flipping. A key element in the victories was the endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis (R), with most of the candidates he backed winning their races. It’s a huge win for a governor who has put a high priority on fixing his state’s public schools.

On August 23, Florida held a general election for school board members, delivering a stunning victory for Conservatives and parents. Six boards changed from liberal to conservative control, including Miami-Dade, the state’s largest. Eight more saw conservative gains. Governor DeSantis had put his weight behind conservative candidates, touring multiple districts two days before the vote to rally support. That effort seems to have paid off handsomely, with 80% of his endorsees winning their races.

Apart from Miami-Dade, notable victories included turning a 3-2 liberal majority in Sarasota County to a 4-1 conservative one. Clay County’s controversial board, which secretly helped a 12-year-old girl “transition” to male without telling her parents, is now conservative-controlled.

Since becoming governor, DeSantis has worked hard to improve Florida schools. He kept schools open during the COVID pandemic, sparing children from a gap in their education. He’s pushed back against Critical Race Theory and other woke dogma. He’s been a strong advocate for parental rights. And last week, he backed conservative candidates for the state’s school boards. Parents are noticing, and his hard work is paying off.

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