Candace Owens Hurls Insults at Kim Kardashian

Candace Owens Hurls Insults at Kim Kardashian

Candace Owens and Ray J Shine Spotlight on Kim K — Humiliating!

( – A conservative media personality has slammed Kim Kardashian’s well-publicized past antics. Last week, Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend claimed she used a scandalous tape to promote her career. Following those revelations, Candace Owens branded the reality star a “prostitute” — and also had some strong words for her mother.

In a September 13 podcast episode, Daily Wire host Candace Owens discussed singer Ray J’s claim that the notorious 2007 tape of him with Kardashian had been deliberately leaked by the socialite and her mother, Kris Jenner. Ray J also claimed Jenner had watched several tapes of the pair and chose the one she felt made Kardashian look best. Although Kardashian sued the distributors of the tape, she later dropped the suit, and there have always been suspicions that the video — which launched Kim Kardashian’s career — was deliberately leaked as a publicity stunt.

Owens said she was “positively disgusted” by Ray J’s story. She was particularly critical of the claim Jenner watched the tapes, saying “what could possibly represent a more incestuous” activity, and also hit at Kardashian for “still selling s*x.” Owens concluded, “I now hold the opinion that Kim Kardashian is a prostitute” and added, “her mother is a pimp.”

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