Canadian Prime Minister Praises Communist China

Canadian Prime Minister Praises Communist China

( – In 2013, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a women’s town hall meeting where he relayed his feelings about China. When asked which nation he admired the most, the liberal leader said he admired the communist country of China. He elaborated and spoke about how the Asian nation was able to quickly make changes to the country, and he found it “quite interesting.”

The fact Trudeau could have chosen any country in the world and he named China, should spell concern for those in the US.

If the left-leaning PM of Canada admires communist practices, perhaps he’s thinking he could rule his country accordingly for the sake of efficiency. The telling video resurfaced on the heels of Trudeau’s unleashing harsh crackdowns against the Freedom Convoy trucking protests. He recently declared an emergency for the first time, freezing assets and suspending insurance for those participating in the stand against vaccine mandates.

Apparently, the current prime minister isn’t the first in his family to praise communism. A quick look at his history showed China’s dictatorship fascinated former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as well.

Considering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to share the sentiment about communist rule, it would probably benefit the US to keep a close eye on our northern neighbor’s relationship with Beijing.

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