California Raises Gas Tax As Millions Suffer Under Record Prices

California Raises Gas Tax As Millions Suffer Under Record Prices

Greedy Government: Democrat State Sends Gas Prices Surging With New Tax

( – While many governors across the US look for ways to bring gas prices down for consumers, the price is set to rise again for Californians. The liberal state already has the highest gas prices in the country, aside from a very high cost of living, and now they’re about to get even worse.

On July 1, California’s gas tax is set to increase by 53.6 cents per gallon. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) previously supported pausing the annual gas tax increase to give consumers a break. According to POLITICO, talks between lawmakers have fizzled out. The plan to stop the increase was part of a package put forward by the governor, but there’s a May 1 deadline the Democratic-controlled legislature seems unable (or unwilling) to meet.

Newsom spokesperson Alex Stack told POLITICO it’s “clear the Legislature will not act in time to provide immediate, limited relief” to California families. The spokesperson went on to say the governor is now working with lawmakers to try to provide direct payments to struggling Californians. It’s unclear how much support those proposals will receive.

In the meantime, families in the Golden State will continue to suffer as their elected representatives play political games in Sacramento.

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