California Pushes Ahead With Plan to Stop Wildfires

California Pushes Ahead With Plan to Stop Wildfires

( – In 2020, wildfires ravaged the West Coast of the United States. More than four million acres of land burned in California. At the time, then-President Donald Trump repeated what he’d said for years, that poor forest management was partly to blame for the horrible fire season. The state is now moving ahead with a plan to clean up the forests to prevent the devastation from happening again.

According to a June 19 Bloomberg report, California is using $500 million in federal aid to thin its forests. Twelve-person crews are going into wooded areas with axes and chainsaws to get rid of dying trees. They’re also lighting controlled burns to get rid of the debris that fuels deadly wildfires. In addition to the crews from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), the California Conservation Corps and National Guard are helping.

The federal and state governments hope to clear one million acres of forest. Community groups, private citizens and logging companies are also contributing to that goal. Steve Hawks, Cal Fire’s wildfire planning and engineering division manager, told Bloomberg that forest management “is going to be a constant thing.”

Fire season has already started in the Golden State. It’s unclear whether the push to thin the forests will have much of an impact this year, but hopefully, it will ultimately save lives and homes in upcoming years.

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